Seeds for sale (updated 1/26/2019)

$2 per variety. Roughly 10 seeds per pack. Buy 5 or more and get one free of your choosing. Buy 10 and get two free, etc. +$3 shipping in bubble mailer, includes tracking. I accept PayPal. Free shipping in US if you spend $20 or more

7 Pot BBG
7 Pot Barakapore
7 Pot Caramel
7 Pot Jonah UFO
7 Pot Nebru
7 Pot Pink
7 Pot Yellow
Aji Mango
Aji Pene
Aji Pineapple
Bahamian Goat
Big Bumpy Yellow
Bishop’s Crown
Black Hungarian
Black Pearl
Blue Christmas
Brazilian Starfish
CGN 21500 X Isabella Island Galapagos
Cajun Bell
Cardi Scorpion
Carolina Reaper
Cherio Roxa
Chilly Chili
Chinese 5 Color
Chocolate Fatali
Chocolate Ghost
Chocolate Lava
Count Dracula
FGJ X BRM X Yaki Blue Fawn (sold out)
Fatali (Chocolate)
Fatali (Red)
Fatali Jigsaw
Filius Blue
Holiday Time
Hot Pops Purple
Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion
King BOC
Lemon Habanero
Long Red Finger
Mako Kokoo
Numex Easter
Orange Manzano
Orange Rocoto
Peter X Mystery
Pumpkin Habanero
Purple Ghost
Reaper X Madballz
Red Ghost
Scotch Bonnet
Sugar Rush Creme
Super Chili
Swiss Chocolate
Thai Dragon
Tigerbibi (Peach)
Tigerbibi (Red)
White Devil’s Tongue
White Ghost
White Peach

Non Pepper Seeds

Brad’s Atomic Tomato
Jerusalem Cherry
Litchi Tomato
Otricali Orange
Pumpkin on a Stick (decorative eggplant)
Red Tamarillo
Reisetomate Tomato
Spiny Lulo

I went through my stash and I have plenty of seeds from all the varieties listed below. These are all from my garden in Indiana. Open pollinated. 🙂

US only for the most part. Can possibly do small quantities (10 packs or so) outside the US, but there will be no tracking.

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